What Type of Traveler are You?

There is a world of sites to explore that span from across the ocean to around the corner in your own neighborhood.  Determining how far and wide to roam will depend on what style of traveler you are. The label and color of your luggage are not the only factors that display your traveling type. Psychological details influence the choices you make on a daily basis. From the clothes you wear to the destinations you choose; your inner personality traits can help you pick the perfect vacation spot any time of the year.

The Fashionista

Stylish bags in hand and a brag worthy agenda on the books is the only way to go for this traveler. If you enjoy the spotlight and plenty of photo opportunities, popular places might be on your itinerary. Seeking out a thriving nightlife with generous daytime settings are an ideal vacation for you. Beachside, spa surroundings or iconic sites are prime options for the fashionista.

Traveler foto via Pixabay
Traveler foto via Pixabay

The Intellectual

Wanting to see the historic side of life includes museums, cultural spaces and standing ruins that tell life’s earlier tales. Current venues that offer scientific research or further explorations of the mind are right up an intellectual’s alley. In lieu of searching for a town to paint red, they prefer to become thoughtfully aquaintenced with their inquisitive interests. Booking tours and informational segments during a vacation will be one the many highlights to enjoy.

The Explorer

Camping on the top of a hillside or lavishing the trails to the unknown are famously popular for explorers. Wanting to see the natural world or the mysteries behind the histories is an adventure waiting to happen. They will revel in tribal societies and walking new paths whenever they can. With a map on one side and a welled packed bag on the other… this type of traveler is ready for anything.

The Casualist

With the comforts of home nearby, the casualist explores possibilities or opportunities that are safely within reach. Visiting new openings and venues either in their city or a day’s drive away fills their traveling dance card. They appreciate the experience of travel with the distinction of not straying too far from their familiar points. Charmed with discovery of their surroundings makes a Casualist a savvy style to be.

The Adventurer

Seeking out journeys and the thrill of the day creates a lifetime of memories. From high flying to scuba diving, adventurers want to add some gusto to their vacation plans. Trying out exotic foods and holding the customs of the land is an ideal perk to having an adventurous spirit. Setting any fears aside, seizing the day is the perfect motto for their itinerary. Your travel style is a great place to start planning your vacation. If you are a casualist who dreams of being an adventurer, take every opportunity you can find. Sometimes, walking a mile in another traveler’s shoes will broaden our horizons while leading us to a path of self discovery.

The Adventurer
The Adventurer

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