Planning a Vacation can be an overwhelming experience. Knowing the destination and having a reservation are just the beginning of the getaway checklist. It is exciting to pack your bags and step away from a busy work week. A Stress Free Vacation will leave you rested and rejuvenated for a fresh start to your schedule. Accomplishing a trip without mishaps will require a plan that covers both the necessities and the details.

Leaving out the smaller items on your to do list can become the bigger stressors you will encounter while away. After the itinerary is set, most travelers will focus on what to wear and bring along on their venture. Shopping for new sandals while imagining floppy hats on the beach is the fun part of packing. Unfortunately, it can also distract us from the less enjoyable aspects on the agenda.

Stress Free Agenda

Through the week we have mounting tasks and responsibilities at home and in our work days. A holiday away can be just what we need to hit the reset button. The details that are left to the way side will inevitably make an appearance on your trip. To avoid any rain on your proverbial parade, make a list and check it twice before your departure. Here is a rundown of common Stress factors you can prevent on your journey.

The Did I Distraction

Once you board the plane or head down the road, you may be inflicted with the Did I Distraction. Trying to enjoy the views is difficult when you’re not sure if the door is locked or the oven is off. Include household and work related “chores” on your list such as watering plants and taking out trash before you leave. They may seem insignificant, yet the Did I questions will nag their way into your Vacation.

Phones, Emails and Bills

The goal of your get away is to not worry about the electric bill or answering business calls. Taking care of any pending details will reduce the probability of stressful moments while your laying sea side. Answering emails and setting up an I will be away message will help you to focus on the trip without the distraction.

Money in Your Pocket

Depending on where you are going, cash in hand or regular credit and debit cards are ill advised. The methods of payments are easily stolen or lost without a simple way to recover them. Having travelers checks or safe way to spend can be determined with the help f your bank or financial institution.

Anticipate the Unexpected

Vacation spots come in all shapes and sizes. You may not have easy access to specific necessities that you may need. Be prepared with the “what if” scenarios to ensure you are ready for any weather or personal pop ups. Researching the area beforehand will assist in anticipating any unexpected events. Whether you are venturing to the next town or across the ocean, having a completed traveling checklist will inspire a Stress Free Vacation.

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