Traveling abroad will lead you to unfamiliar places. It is common for tourists to explore the surroundings with wide eyes and cameras to capture every moment. Destination vacations and occasions both welcome and expect tourists along their pathways. Themed parks and adventures will be set up with information desks, security personnel and in most cases cameras that keep a watchful eye on visitors. Some of our plans may not include organized settings bringing us to cities and sceneries that do not have the same precautions. When you find yourself along the streets and avenues of a new scene, it is wise to blend in to the background in lieu of standing out in the crowd.

Looking like a Tourist

Locals will say they can spot a tourist from a mile away. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying your trip in true tourist fashion, it is wise to understand the down side to keeping a newcomer’s appearance. We have all seen the cliché versions of tourists with fingers pointing loudly as their flashes feverishly clicks. In the movies, they typically ask strangers to take their picture while they divulge the details of their vacation. In reality, our favorite flicks are offering sound advice to tourists. When you are traveling fresh terrain, attracting the wrong attention is easy to do.

Tourist Traps and Pitfalls

Avoiding tourist traps include several possibilities. Specific street vendors may try to profit from your lack of local knowledge. They will however not try to pull the wool over the eyes of those who seem to know the region. The same is true of individuals who set scams in motion when they see a tourist headed their way. Those with ill intentions are known to be quick witted with sly ways to gain your trust. Whether they are plotting to gain a few dollars from you or visit your room while you are away, it is wise to avoid scam artists altogether. Pick pockets are slide of hand tricksters can leave you without your wallet, jewelry, keys and other needed essentials. They can be difficult to catch in the act making it hard to retrieve the items that were taken.

How to Look Like a Non-Tourist

Knowing the other side of the traveling coin should not deter you from venturing. Instead it will prepare you to have a safe trip with the right precautions in place. The smartest way to achieve being a tourist without looking like one is to avoid the common mistakes of the travelers before you with the following tips:

  • Dressing appropriately for the region is a simple way to step out of the spotlight.
  • Avoid divulging personal information to strangers.
  • Stay in well lit and busier areas of the city you are in.
  • Leave big purses and bags at home opting for easy to tote styles.
  • Stay away from cliché touristy behaviors to avoid attracting attention.
  • Do your research and map out your itinerary ahead of time.

Following these easy tips and tricks of the tourist trade will prevent mishaps or occurrences that could dampen your vacation. Traveling smart, safe and savvy ensures you will have plenty of time to focus on being a tourist while creating lasting memories.

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