Making preparations for a round the world trip can be intimidating, especially as the date draws ever closer. If you do not have a good plan, other things like illness, loss of items, and losing your traveling companion can cut short your exciting trip. But one daunting task we must all face before starting out is choosing what to pack. To make your trip enjoyable and convenient, try using a more sensible way to choose what you need for the trip.


You will find it easier to have a suitcase with soft sides, zippers and wheels, just like the Victronix Swiss Army bags. Backpacks used to be the more popular choice, but we no longer hear about their usefulness as they can aggravate back pain and are quite uncomfortable. An excellent lightweight bag with wheels is more suitable for your trip. You save some energy as you wheel it along without missing all the fun moments while on the move.


As time goes on companies make major improvements to older gadgets, making the new designs three times smarter than older versions. You are going to need your smartphone, video camera and kindle for the trip. The amazing thing is that, since modern gadgets are now made to be smaller, you have enough room in your bag to tuck them away. An advantage of these devices is that you can use them to safely record memories of your trip without worrying about entirely losing them, as you can upload information to the cloud.


If you do not want to hold on to your valuables, you cannot afford to look like a scared, vulnerable tourist throughout your trip. To be on the safer side, use steel luggage kept secure with a mid-sized steel padlock. If you are a technophile, try fixing an alarm on your bag like the Defcon 1 Ultra. Some thieves are fearless, but those buzzing alarms will at least serve as a deterrent.


Now, this is where all the headaches start. Trying to select the right clothes for your trip can be so confusing since you are possibly going to experience various temperatures within few days. Avoid the usual confusion of packing too much underwear, too many shirts and pants that you finally realize were not necessary. You may find out that just a third of all those are what you need.

Plan to take a trip to a laundry so you can be comfortable with as few clothes as possible. Although you may not need too many clothes for your trip, it is crucial to keep your luggage light. Think ahead and possibly buy any piece of clothing on the way if a situation requires it.

Even if your trip takes you to the Sudanese desert for months, you do not have pack the kitchen sink. Try buying some of them on the road. Things like soaps, batteries and painkillers are sold everywhere in the world. Some multipurpose tools can be useful, too. Take along a Swiss Army knife with a corkscrew if you have one.

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