When it comes to planning a trip, there is so much involved. You need to book the flight, get the right documents and, of course, make sure you have somewhere to stay, so how do you make sure you get a good deal on a hotel room?

Well, we have put together a few tips from the experts on how you can get a good deal and still get what you are looking for in a great trip and a great hotel room for your trip!

Know What You Want

The first step to finding a great hotel deal is to know what you want. You need to make up your mind on details, like the price range, location, space and other similar factors. Being certain of what you want will help you make a better choice on a good hotel deal. Also, you need to focus your research. There are websites like Expedia, kayak or Priceline where you can see the general overview and specifications of hotels located in your desired area, although most times, these sites do not give the full information and picture.

Negotiate Your Way Through

Your negotiation skill comes into play when biding for a great hotel deal. Most times, you can get a better deal by speaking to the hotel owners on the need for a further discount. An excellent way to go about this is to info them of the prices of other hotels as seen on websites and see if they can do something about theirs. Almost 80% of the time, you get to land a better deal by doing this. Also, you can take advantage of any of your affiliations to get a better discount. For instance, students, senior citizens, government employees, people serving in the military and AAA members are qualified for various hotel discounts when traveling.

Look for Last Minute Deals

Some hotels offer low rate to the last-minute travelers. You can make use of apps like HotelTonight to scout for last-minute traveler’s rates on good hotels. For instance, someone searched for a cheap hotel in Chicago, he got Swissotel for just $314 for two nights that includes both fees and taxes. This was $100 less expensive than prices listed on other booking sites. Similar apps are OneNight and Priceline.com. If you are going to an event where thousands of other people are coming too, the last-minute deal may not work, it will be advisable to book way ahead of time.

Be Creative in Your Search

You may need to be creative and think outside the box to get a great accommodation deal. There are other lodging options available for you besides hotels. You can rent an entire house, apartment or room. Websites like HomeAway and Airbnb helps you get better lodging deals. On the good site, hostels are a better option if you are traveling on a tight budget. The hostel doesn’t have to be crowded and messy like teenage camps; there are decent hostel accommodations that afford you the essential comfort and privacy you need at even a cheaper rate.

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