The world has so many precious and beautiful gems to see that it would take an entire lifetime just to glimpse them. Touristic companies made our lives much easier by giving us countless opportunities from which to choose. But visiting a place is not only about going in museums and buying souvenirs. There are many tourists that like going on the streets of the city they visit in order to see the true atmosphere of the place. There are many places that are very safe for tourists, but there are also some classic tourist traps in which many people fall. This thing can lead to loss of money and obviously, a bad touristic experience. We have listed some tips on how to avoid these tourist traps in order to give you a better vacation experience.

Avoid Over Pricing

Try to avoid overpriced souvenirs and other items. There are countless monuments that attract thousands of tourists every year. It is obvious that many companies will try to place their business right near that monument to have maximum visibility. But this also means that they will try to sell their stuff at the highest price. For example, the classic vacation souvenir, the fridge magnet, will cost you even 10 times the price if you buy it right near the monument. Try to go on the nearby streets where you will also find sellers that will not sell overpriced souvenirs.

Avoid Unlicensed Tours

Try not to go on a tour if it is not made by a company or licensed guide. There are many tourists that have fallen in this trap and they were forced to pay a lot of money to the “guide” because they were taken in unknown and secluded parts of the city from which they didn’t know how to go back. This is extremely valid if you go in a country where you don’t know the language. Even if it may sound boring, try to stick to the usual tours.

Chose the Right Restaurants

Don’t go to restaurants that have insistent outside callers. These are the people that stay just outside the restaurant and they try to get people to come in. These restaurants are not usually the best and you may notice that there are not many locals inside because they know the poor quality of the food. You may also be tricked in buying appetizers that are normally free at other restaurants. Pay attention and go to restaurants that are usually crowded and from which you hear the local language because those are the best.

Be on The Watch

Pay attention to your belongings. There are many crowded places like the popular touristic attractions that are the heaven of pickpockets. When visiting them, try to get with you as little money as possible and if you have an expensive camera or smartphone always keep them in your hands. This is the best way to avoid an unpleasant experience. Also, when calling for a ride, always take a licensed cab in order to stay safe and avoid a scam.