Tour group sites are designed to help simplify the group-travel process. Many consider tour operators as the best way to travel. Whether embarking on a truffle tasting excursion, whale watching adventure, or hiking trail, tour operators take the stress out of planning a luxurious getaway and create lasting memories. The best group tour sites provide staff and guides, itineraries and destinations, activities, accommodations, food, and overall value. Here are a few such sites:

1. Intrepid Travel

This is the biggest adventure travel company for small groups around the world. The tour company offers over 1,500 itineraries in no less than 120 countries. For over three decades, Intrepid has organized small group tours of 10 people to explore nature’s wonders and discover rich colorful cultures around the world. For instance, the company’s unique Perth to Broome tour takes travelers to some of the world’s best beaches on the west coast of Australia as well as the deserts.

2. TCS World Travel

One of the best tour group sites, TCS is a luxury outfitter that has organized personalized private-jet expeditions for over 20 years. With over 240 trips to 200 countries around the world. Travelers speak highly of the company’s unique itineraries which include 24-day global excursions, staying in 5-star hotels or lodges, as well as the experts, historians, and naturalists on the various tours. A doctor is also on ground to ensure that everyone is fine.

3. DuVine Cycling & Adventure Co.

DuVine is an international cycling and adventure company committed to helping adventure seekers experience the world by bike. They organize bicycle trips in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and the Middle East for small groups. Their attention to detail and the flexibility of their guides allow extra time to explore local areas, making unscheduled stops when there’s something you simply must see or taste. The price of a DuVine tour includes excellent bikes, accommodations, meals, local wines and après Velo cocktails, full van support, entrance fees to historic sites, and much more.

4. Heritage Tours

This tour operator arranges custom-designed personal travels to Israel, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, and Sub-Saharan Africa. You are invited to experience the magic of some of the world’s most exciting destinations with an authenticity of experience and insider access that is normally unattainable.

5. Stray Asia

If you wish to have a two months vacation in Asia this tour operators is one of the best in the region. Stray Asia organizes 39-57 Days tour of 25 Destinations in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam. Clients do not have to worry about transport and can hop on and hop off the tour anytime!

6. Wanderlands

This the best tour group for those fascinated by exotic destinations. On a 12 days adventure to 8 destinations, travelers will visit amazing sights, explore beautiful beaches, splash around in waterfalls, swim with whales, snorkel the sparkling waters, view the best sunsets, partake of delicious meals, discover the Filipino culture, and party the night away. The group tour provides an opportunity to meet people and make new friends.

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