With the plethora of airfare comparison sites available online, it is easy to waste your time on the wrong ones. From Google Flights to DealRay, there are many great online tools to help you get the lowest deals on flights. Their search processes are simple and you can quickly get the information you seek. Here’s a list of easy sites for finding cheap flights.

Google Flights

The speed of Google’s powerful flight search service is unmatched. It’s by far the easiest and fastest flight price comparison tool to find cheap flights even on mobile devices. Simply select your expected destination and travel dates to see the various travel options in seconds. You can narrow your search by applying filters like airline preference, price range, and more.

Tips: Use Google’s “top pick” to find best flights based on price and speed, “Flexible dates” to find cheaper flights, “Date tip” to save more money, and “Price graph” to see price fluctuations and know the best time to book a flight.


This flight comparison site is easy, thorough and dependable. KAYAK is considered the best site to find best deals on round-trip options comprising one-way flights from two different airlines. Although KAYAK’s search speed is slower than that of Google Flight, it can be more thorough. Simply enter your travel destination, dates and desired cabin class to see the cheapest flights available.

Tips: Set up price alerts to get notification of prices for your flight drops or increase so that you can know when best to book. To do this, just enter your trip details and hit save.


This flight comparison service is considered the best site for frequent and spontaneous travelers. DealRay offers loads of services that make it easy to find the cheapest flights like daily SMS alerts on best available flights deals. One downside though is its paid subscription. But newcomers get one month free. DealRay also doesn’t let you track flights to specific destinations. However, the website says its members save an average of $428 on each deal.

Tips: Download DealRay’s iPhone app to receive push notifications on deals. You can select preferred types of alerts to receive.


Another popular website among travelers is Skyscanner. It searches 22 different travel providers and airline carriers to provide results on available cheap flights. They often have some of the cheapest flight options. One advantage is that you can book flights directly from the airlines instead of a third-party agency.

Tips: Check out Skyscanner’s picks for cheapest, quickest, and best price options on the top row.


Another popular online tool among travelers is Momondo. It is efficient and easy to use. Momondo is considered the best site for multi-city searches and mobile device cheap flight search.

Tips: Check out Momondo’s picks for cheapest, quickest, and best price options on the top row. You can also get results by flight times, the carrier, and price. Use Momondo’s 10-point scale “happiness” ranking based on flight time and price to know best flights.

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