The world around us is an amazing place to visit. There are countless amazing places that just leave us without breath. Photography is one of the most interesting hobbies in this world. You have the chance to see some of the most amazing places on Earth and to capture some of the most amazing views. There are many people that have this amazing hobby and they are in a constant search for the next shot. There are countless amazing places in this world and we have listed some of the best spots to photograph in this world in order to help you with your hobby.

Modern City

Dubai is one of the coolest and most modern cities in the world. There are many restaurants and bars on the rooftops of the buildings that are the perfect places to take some amazing shots. The beach near Dubai is also good for panoramic pictures of this modern desert jewel. It is the perfect place for architecture enthusiasts and the photographers that like interesting contrasts.

Natural Spots

Norway is the ultimate place to go for nature enthusiasts. There are countless wild places that will leave you speechless. The fjords here are the main attraction for photographers all around the year. There are also great coastal places to see that are perfect for photography. During the winter you can also take some amazing pictures of the wildlife here and if you go up north you can also see the Northern Lights. This country is one of the best places for nature photography in the world.

The Great Barrier Reef is the ultimate nature and sea photography spots in the world. The place is abundant with wildlife and you can take amazing photos above and under the water. You can take the boat and go under the water for some amazing underwater shots.

Small Countries

Croatia is a small country in the heart of Europe. It has some incredible photography places thanks to the fact that it has hundreds of kilometers of coastline that are dotted by small villages and old fortresses. The coastline is very rocky and full of forests, making Croatia the perfect mixture between the nature and man-made marvels. As an extra tip, you can go and visit Dubrovnik. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the rich history of this place will definitely be o your taste. It is a marvel of old Adriatic architecture and the palaces and buildings here are perfect for photography.

Iceland is a small island country that has one of the wildest views on Earth. The place still has active volcanoes and glaciers that are the main attractions here for tourists. The place is filled with mountains that are the perfect place for panoramic pictures. Besides the nature, the small villages here have an amazing charm that will definitely allow for some amazing pictures.